Group Members


Tobias Berger [email][website]

Interests: Cohomology of arithmetic groups, automorphic forms, Galois representations, Bloch-Kato conjecture


Neil Dummigan [email][website]

Interests: Number theory, arithmetic geometry, automorphic forms



Frazer Jarvis [email][website]

Interests: Algebraic number theory, Galois representations


Jayanta Manoharmayum [email][website]

Interests: Algebraic number theory, the absolute Galois group of the rational numbers

Haluk Sengun [email][website]

Interests: cohomology and K-theory of arithmetic groups, arithmetic of automorphic forms (especially Bianchi modular forms), modularity of Galois representations and of algebraic varieties



Adel Betina [email][website]

Interests: Shimura Varieties, Classical and overconvergent modular forms, deformations and pseudo-deformations of p-adic Galois representations, p-adic Hodge theory and p-adic Eigenvarieties


PhD Students

Rudolf Chow [email]

Supervisor: Frazer Jarvis



Sam Edis [email]

Supervisor: Frazer Jarvis



Prathan Jarupoonphol [email]

Supervisor: Jayanta Manoharmayum



Angelo Rendina [email]

Supervisor: Neil Dummigan



Ciaran Schembri [email]

Supervisor: Haluk Sengun



David Spencer [email]

Supervisor: Neil Dummigan



Ariel Weiss [email]

Supervisor: Tobias Berger

Interests: Algebraic number theory, Siegel modular forms, Galois representations


Di Zhang [email]

Supervisor: Tobias Berger

Interests: Algebraic number theory, modular forms and L-functions