Group Members

Academic Staff

Tobias Berger [email][website]

Interests: Cohomology of arithmetic groups, automorphic forms, Galois representations, Bloch-Kato conjecture


Neil Dummigan [email][website]

Interests: Number theory, arithmetic geometry, automorphic forms



Frazer Jarvis [email][website]

Interests: Algebraic number theory, Galois representations


Robert Kurinczuk [email][website]

Interests: representations of p-adic groups, automorphic L-functions, and the Langlands programme

Jayanta Manoharmayum [email][website]

Interests: Algebraic number theory, the absolute Galois group of the rational numbers

Haluk Sengun [email][website]

Interests: cohomology and K-theory of arithmetic groups, arithmetic of automorphic forms (especially Bianchi modular forms), explicit approaches to the above


Current and Former Postdocs

Bodan Arsovski [email][website]

Interests: p-adic Galois representations, p-adic Hodge theory and p-adic Eigenvarieties



Adel Betina [email][website]

Interests: Shimura Varieties, Classical and overconvergent modular forms, deformations and pseudo-deformations of p-adic Galois representations, p-adic Hodge theory and p-adic Eigenvarieties


Current PhD Students

Prathan Jarupoonphol [email]

Supervisor: Jayanta Manoharmayum



Di Zhang [email]

Supervisor: Tobias Berger

Interests: Algebraic number theory, modular forms and L-functions


Sadiah Zahoor [email]

Supervisor: Neil Dummigan

Interests: Algebraic Number Theory, Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms


Lewis Combes [email]

Supervisor: Haluk Sengun

Interests: Cohomology of arithmetic groups, modular forms, computational number theory


Maleeha Khawaja [email]

Supervisor: Frazer Jarvis

Interests: Diophantine equations and elliptic curves


Former Members

Sam Edis [email]

PhD 2020 (Frazer Jarvis)

On Arithmetic Progressions and Perfect Powers


Angelo Rendina [email]

PhD 2019 (Neil Dummigan)

Congruences of Saito-Kurokawa lifts and divisibility of degree-8 L-values


Ciaran Schembri [email]

PhD 2019 (Haluk Sengun)

Modularity of abelian surfaces over imaginary quadratic fields


Ariel Weiss [email]

PhD 2019 (Tobias Berger)

On Galois representations associated to low weight Hilbert-Siegel modular forms


Rudolf Chow

PhD 2018 (Frazer Jarvis)

The arithmetic-geometric mean and the periods of curves of genus 1 and 2.


David Spencer

PhD 2018 (Neil Dummigan)

Congruence of local origin for higher levels.


Dan Fretwell

PhD 2015 (Neil Dummigan)

Level p paramodular congruences of Harder type.


Andrew Jones

PhD 2015 (Tobias Berger)

Modular elliptic curves over quartic CM fields.


Konstantinos Tsaltas

PhD 2014 (Frazer Jarvis)

On congruence of modular forms over imaginary quadratic fields.


Shabieh Farwa

PhD 2012 (Neil Dummigan)

Exact holomorphic differentials on certain algebraic curves.


Srilakshmi Krishnamoorthy

PhD 2010 (Neil Dummigan)

Modular Degrees of Elliptic Curves.


Rajender Adibhatla

PhD 2009 (Jayanta Manoharmayum)

Companion forms and a question of Greenberg.


Panagiotis Tsaknias

PhD 2009 (Frazer Jarvis)

On higher congruences of modular representations.


Ian Young

PhD 2008 (Neil Dummigan)

Symmetric Squares of Modular Abelian Varieties.


Matthew Crane

PhD 2007 (Frazer Jarvis)

Raising the levels of Hilbert modular forms.


Paul Meekin

PhD 2003 (Frazer Jarvis)

The Fermat equation over totally real fields.